(652) Easter Weekend

Friday started off a little bad. I woke up to use the bathroom and when I came back Toad was peeing on my comforter. It was 630am so we washed the comforter and bed sheets.


Mike came with me to work and hung out in town so we could just leave for there. When I got in the car, the low pressure indicator came on, so we had to figure out where to get some air. Anyway, we got that no problem and hit the road. First stop, Olive Garden near Rochester. Food was yummy as usual. :)

We then headed to my friend Heather's house, which is about 5 mins away from Olive Garden (lucky her!). We spent time with her and her son, Ben. He is such a cutie. He's about 6 months old now. He wouldn't let Mike hold him, but he kept staring at him.
Baby Ben

After that, we headed to the Buffalo area and spent time with my sister before heading to my dad's.

Saturday morning, we went to Dennys and had breakfast with Sarah, Heather, and Bridget, friends I have had since elementary/middle school. I was pretty sick so I could barely speak and my nose kept running, so it wasn't as fun as it could've been, but it was nice to see them again.

After that we stopped at Hall's Apple Farm. They are a local place and they have the BEST chocolate. I bought some for my nieces and nephews and myself of course. Mike got candy corn (wtf).

We went back to my sister, Chrissy's house and hung out until the girls and boys separated for lunch. Chrissy and I went to TGIFridays with my favorite Aunt Dawn and the boys (husband Mike, nephew Mike, and Al-Chrissy's husband) went to a buffet.

I took the Mike's to my other sister's house about 45mins away. We had pizza and played outside with my niece and nephew. We also gave her my old computer because she doesn't have one.
Nephew Willy and Michael
Nephew Michael and husband Mike

Later that night I took the kids to my dad's so they could see my brother. He got all pissy because they were only there for a few minutes before Chrissy picked them up.

The next morning we went to church and Mike went with me! It was nice because my sister, brother-in-law,   niece, and two nephews, and husband were all there. We said our goodbyes and went to my dad's house.

At my dad's we were waiting for dinner and my brother gets on our butts about not having a "real" wedding and how we should plan a "real" wedding and reception. I was like, I'm not spending our money and time on a "real" wedding and reception just for everyone else. I liked the way we had our wedding, it was just my dad and Heather and her husband. It was low stress and drama free. Anyway, he would just not let it go and it started to piss me off.

Soon we ate "dinner", which was more like lunch, but it was good. Ham and scalloped potatoes and a bunch of veggies. After that we hit the road back to the Rochester area and had some pizza with my friend from college, Jesse. Finally we headed back home.

All in all, it was a good trip, minus me being sick for all of it. We limited the amount of time we spent with my brother. He can be a lot to handle. Lots of driving too. It was really nice to see my family and friends who I don't get to see that often, but luckily we are in driving distance of them, so it isn't too bad.

How was your easter weekend?


(651) Heartbreaking

This has been floating around the military spouse blogs that I read.

I don't know her and I didn't read her blog, but a few people's blogs I do read had linked to it. It breaks my heart. I know what it's like to feel that low that you consider/attempt suicide. I've been there, many years ago. I don't know both sides, but it seems that this kind of thing is too common in the Army/military... the wife giving it all to her husband only for him to cheat on her and leave her. I've read it before and it is completely heart breaking. It just makes me sick, the things these husbands do. I hope that she gets the help she needs to rebuild her life and feel better again.


(650) Yay! I won!

I won this from Annie's giveaway at Live it. Love it (or not). Included is everything pictured below, except for the kitty, she was just interested in it. Thank you Annie!