(563) Threat of Deployment

I hate not knowing what's going to happen. There's a chance Mike could be deployed next January. He wont know for sure of course until it happens, because it is the army. In October, they [whoever 'they' is] discuss when they will deploy the unit. The deployment window for them opens in January. It's difficult not knowing if/when it'll happen because I can't really prepare myself. I don't want to get all nervous and stuff and then have it not happen, but then again I don't want to be unprepared mentally/emotionally. All I can do for now is cherish the time we have together and be there for him if it does happen.


(562) Why I created this blog

I'm writing this blog to express my feelings towards events that happen that affect me and my boyfriend. He's in the army and will be getting out in January of 2011. I realize that what I go through doesn't even compare to what soldier face, but I needed an outlet, so that I could support my boyfriend.