Ways to Help Soldiers/Families

Organizations that help troops/families

My sister was interested in sending a care package to a deployed soldier. I personally didn't know anyone who was deployed so I asked around in my military spouses groups on Facebook. Here are some organizations that were suggested:

Do you know of any others? 

The only requirement is that they help soldiers and/or their families or help those in the country they are deployed (such as sending school supplies to Afghanistan)

Care package ideas

The needs of the soldiers/units vary because they have access to different facilities. Some units may have an Exchange and some may be in the middle of nowhere. It's best to ask the person you are sending to if possible. Otherwise here are some general ideas based on my own experience and other lists I have come across.

Other tips:
  • Don't send chocolate in the summer months. It seems to ship well during cooler months though.
  • Put any liquids or anything that can melt into ziploc bags. 
  • On the shipping address do NOT put the country they are deployed to. The FPO/APO address is a US address
  • For places that wont ship to FPO/APO 
Do you have any ideas for care packages?

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