(656) Italy

A couple weeks ago, my hubby got a slot for Italy. As of now, we are going to PCSing there next year. I'm soooo excited, but not too excited, because of course that could change. I've never been to another country (besides Canada, which doesn't really count when you're from NY). There are so many things we're going to have to do but can't start until we get his orders.

Last week he told me to get my passport so I did. I got the pictures done at Walmart and looking back, I realize I could've just done them myself instead of paying the $8 for them to take a digital picture and print it on photo paper. Lesson learned I guess. Then I went to the post office to drop off the application and their debit/credit card machines were down, so I had to drive to the bank and get out $140 and then wait in line again. I also hate the fact that they need my original birth certificate, so now I'm without one. Hopefully I don't need it for any other paper work any time soon.

I have also been learning Italian using Rosetta Stone. I've been using the skillport classes to take it. I might take a class through the local community college as well.