(663) Couch to 5k

Today, my husband and I are starting this program. It seems manageable. It is 3x a week for 9 weeks. Here's the link to the program and here's the link to the Android app. Hopefully I can stick with this... I need to do something since I don't go to zumba anymore. It seems like it'll be good because you don't start off running the whole time and that's one of the parts that I struggle with. I get discouraged when I can't run that far and then I just give up.

Has anyone done this program before? Did it work for you? Any tips?


(661) Stupid noises

I know I'm in the minority here... that seems to be the case regarding military spouse life. Whatever. Our post just started (or made louder) the noises it plays. It goes off around 7am and 10pm and it's so annoying. I'm not one for tradition and all that. I just think it's annoying. My life is inconvenienced enough by the army that adding another thing like this make me want to leave. I wasn't the only one complaining and a response on the housing page was to move off post... honestly not really a viable option for us... seeing as how we are most likely PCSing in a few months. More and more I wish we hadn't decided for Mike to reenlist.


(660) The most awkward exam ever

In order to PCS, I have to get medically screened to make sure there is nothing wrong with me that they can't handle at the new duty station. Part of that requires my last yearly girly exam. Well I thought I had one done last year but turns out it didn't count (it was because of irregular periods, so they didn't do a full exam I guess). So I had to get it done today. I HATE these exams. No matter how hard they try, the whole experience is so freakin awkward. The doctor was really helpful though.  She put me on prenatal vitamins because I'm trying to get pregnant. She asked if I wanted a prescription and I said yes, that way I didn't have to pay for them lol.

That's another thing done. Still have to wait about 10 days to get the lab results back and then I can make the appointment with EFMP person. We're still waiting to hear back from whoever regarding his clearance and we can't get orders til he gets that and we pretty much can't do much else until we get orders.... hurry up and wait...