(642) 2010 in review

To say this hasn't been a good year would be an understatement.
Deployment day

  It started out when Mike deployed...


And June 1, my cat went missing and she's still gone. I really miss her. I hope she's okay and one day I'll get to see her again.

Grandma Hazel

My grandma passed away a couple weeks later...

But at least in August, Mike and I got R&R, so that was good. :)

Mostly 2010 has just been waiting... waiting for phone calls, waiting for R&R, waiting for the year to be over with. Even though I've kept busy, I still feel like my life is on hold. Especially now that it's closer to him being back.


(640) I hate snow and if you love it I hate you too :P

I haven't really written lately because honestly I've been feeling lazy. I just don't feel like doing anything. Before work I have to shovel my way out of the driveway and after I have to shovel my way back in. We've had a lot of snow and it's so exhausting. I just don't have the energy to do much else. I figure on the days I shovel snow (which will be most days til the hubby gets back) I can slack off on working out because it feels like a workout being outside for over an hour shoveling snow. I have a lot of stuff I want to do before the hubby comes home (2-3 months) but I just have no motivation. I HATE SNOW!!! If you like snow I hate you. Well, not really, but most people who love the snow don't have to drive in it everyday AND shovel it everyday. So if you fit both criteria and still love the snow, then I'll give you a chance :p. Blahhh I'm just so physically exhausted from it. And yes I will continue to be bitter about this until the hubby comes back and he shovels the snow :p


(639) Deployment Calculator

I created a Deployment Calculator. I noticed from some groups that I'm a member of on FB that people were having trouble with the "Donut of Misery" excel download, so I created the Deployment Calculator on my website for people to use. So far I have 12 FB likes for it and a few positive comments. Made it worth it that some people are using it and they like it.

See: http://achristiansen.com/deployment/