(667) Looks like we are actually PCSing...

So much has happened. We are now using one bedroom. Our household goods and unaccompanied baggage has been picked up. On Jan 3, we clear housing and the next day we drive down to New Jersey to drop the car off. We will have the whole weekend to visit NYC (I've lived in NY my whole life and have never been). On the 9th we fly out and on the 10th, Michael reports to his new unit.

It still doesn't feel like we're moving to Italy. It feels like something is going on because most of our stuff is gone and we're sleeping on mats on the floor living out of suitcases. It just hasn't hit me that we're going to be living in Italy for 3 years. Right now we have less than 2 weeks living in the US (11 days). It's so surreal.

The one big thing that could change all this is his clearance being denied. If that happens, 1 of 2 things happens... we stay here and we get all our stuff back and I'm an irritated person or his unit gives him a temporary clearance, just for that assignment.

I just hope everything works out and in 2 weeks I am in Italy.

(666) New Years Resolutions

  1. Run a 10K. This doesn't necessarily need to be an actual race, just being able to run that is good with me. I completed the Couch to 5k program a few weeks back. This year (once we get settled at our new duty station), I am going to start the Bridge to 10K program.
  2. Read the bible. Last year I tried to do the Bible in 90 days program and didn't finish it, mostly because my husband came home from Afghanistan. I think I will try something a little less drastic that gives me more time. I think I am going to do the 1 year bible reading plan.
  3. Lose the 15lbs I have put on this past year and get back to my normal weight. I don't know how realistic this will be since we are moving to Italy.