(686) When it rains, it pours...

Seriously why does major shit have to happen when the husband is deployed/tdy? WHYYYYYY!!!!!!

our water heater decides to screw up and it had a really strong horrible smell coming from it (burning smell), maintenance came and turned off the gas and power to it and is coming back tomorrow to actually fix it. Just kinda freaking out... and shaky and think I breathed in some of the smoke... why does shit have to happen when Mike's away...

I don't know where I would go if I had to leave. I have my cat here. Where the hell would we go? I don't know anyone here. Fucking anxiety...

It's hard when the maintenance guys barely speak English and I don't know much Italian other than greetings... I'm slowly learning, but the stuff I know how to say is "The girl eats", "The big car", etc... not very useful for things like this... I don't expect Italians to know English... it's just frustrating...

I'm still shaking... this was like 1-2 hours ago.

Oh and my phone ran out of minutes today.... lesson learned... recharge immediately... I wasn't in a huge hurry because I wasn't planning on going anywhere today or tomorrow, so I was just gunna do it tomorrow. I figured as long as I did it before the weekend, I'd be fine (going on a couple day trips). As soon as maintenance comes tomorrow, I am getting that done, even though I don't know why my balance is so low... gunna ask about that... haven't gone over my data, haven't called or texted anyone... so it really shouldn't be low... and the text messages vodafone sends are in Italian and even when I translate them in google, it still makes hardly any sense to me.

Also, water stopped working... dunno if that was as a result of the maintenance guy shutting off stuff or what... I have bottled water to drink, but I can't wash my hands.... YUCK!

And, we have a fruit fly problem... I've cleaned everything... took out all the trash... been really clean about dishes (rinsing them right away), still I'm killing like 5 a day by hand. I have a homemade trap that hasn't caught anything yet. It's so disgusting... and it sucks because I can't eat bananas anymore because they attract them too much.

I can't get the smoke smell out of my nose. I doubt I'll sleep tonight... I'm sooo paranoid.


  1. Do you have any plants in the house? The fruit flies seem to be attracted to house plants as well as fruit.

  2. Awe, I really hope things start to get better for you... I firmly believe in "deployment law"; everything that can go wrong while their gone, will go wrong. LOL! I have experienced that myself recently... a week after hubby left, we had termites infest our home, and we're talking thousands... I took our kiddo and our dog and headed for TLF on base for the week. Does your hubby happen to leave you some contact info on like maybe a key spouse or something?? I dunno if the Army calls it the same thing, but in the AF we have key spouses for the group or unit that our hubbies are in, usually its the guy's in charges wife LOL! But they are usually a lot of help and full of good information. In the mean time... hang in there, keep your chin up and remember... you'll get through this just fine. :)