(685) Phone Phobia

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I've been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder in the past... not sure if I still have it, but I think part of it lingers.

  • I delay making phone calls because it causes me a lot of anxiety.
  • I would rather go somewhere to talk to someone in person, than speak to them on the phone.
  • If I can, I have other people make the phone call.
  • If it's an unknown number calling me, I wont answer it
  • If it's someone I know calling me, it's 50/50 on what I'll do
  • When it's a call using gmail or skype with only voice (like what I had to do today), for calling the US, it makes me even more nervous because I'm afraid the phone quality will make it difficult for me to communicate. Sometimes this holds true... 
I had to call the airlines to add my cat to my return reservation. I've done it before for Leo, now I have to do it for Toad (those are my cats). Doesn't sound like a big deal, does it? Especially considering that I've done it before and it's a simple process. 
1. Call the airline 
2. Tell them this 
3. Wait for them to book it 
4. Hang up

This process requires me to call 2 separate airlines because the flight is overseas and it's handled by two companies. I just did this and by the end of it, my heart was racing and my hands were all shaky. Why? NO IDEA. Everything went smoothly and the cat was booked for the return flight. It took me 26 days to make this call... 

Something that helps a tiny bit is preparing all the information I need ahead of time. For this call, I needed the names and phone numbers of the airlines I needed to call and the confirmation numbers for each airline. I also needed the weight of my cat, but I just estimated that. They only ask because there's a weight limit of like 15lbs or something (don't quote me on that number) and I know she's well below that. 

I usually have no problem calling/talking to close family (dad, sisters) and definitely not my husband, but anyone else...

A picture of Toad (the cat I'm going to get) and my husband to help calm me down...

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  1. Talking on the phone can be daunting some days for me. I hope you find your next phone call to be more relief than stress.